Brand Story

Founded by Jasmine Barnes, Find was brought together when she noticed that many wellness candles that are fully natural seemed to be out of budget for a lot of people who wanted to either lead a more conscious lifestyle or were recommended aromatherapy for their mental health. 

Over the last 4 years, Jasmine has used and studied essential oils for her own well-being and mental health and from this she has crafted the perfect therapeutic blends. We all light a candle to relax, however, with the more affordable candles being made out of paraffin wax and containing synthetic  fragrances, many of us are unaware of the level of toxins released when they are burning.

Find have created 100% natural, vegan, toxic-free candles, using only essential oil blends and soy wax, with no hidden synthetics. Ensuring the aromatherapy blends within the candle range have a positive therapeutic impact on your emotional well-being, when you’re lighting your candle for that little bit of me time.