In conversation
Jasmine Barnes
"Six am with the birds in my backyard, probably my favourite time of the day. When everything is still."
Brighton, United Kingdom
50.8225° N, 0.1732° W

Where did you grow up & where are you based now ?

I grew up in Peterborough (known for its famous Passport office..) I now live in Brighton.

How did your upbringing influence your connection with nature and the world around you?

I’ve always had a fascination with nature since a very young age. I was always in the garden playing with the lady birds and snails…is that normal?! My mum also used to take myself and my sister on holidays across Europe on some of the most amazing adventures. I think from those experiences I grew a big appreciation for the beauty of the world which has left me with big ambitions to travel and explore new places.



What was your professional background before creating Find?

As well as doing all things Find I am a graphic designer for a Brighton based design studio.

Can you tell us the story of Find and the inspiration behind the brand?

Find was created after I noticed that many natural wellness candles seemed to be out of budget for those wanting to either lead a more conscious lifestyle or were recommended aromatherapy for their mental health – it’s my aim to change this. 

Can you share any rituals you maintain in your daily life?

Everyday I wake up at 6am and enjoy an oat milk coffee with the birds in my backyard, it’s probably my favourite time of the day, when everything is still. 

How do you think we can lead a more mindful & conscious lifestyle as individuals and how can this be beneficial?

I think it’s a slow yet achievable process. By taking baby steps into using and buying less, whilst taking it upon yourself to do a little bit of research into what you can do which will fit within your own lifestyle.


What do you treasure most ?
Living life slowly, my cats (yes I am a crazy cat lady) and being home.



What or where makes you feel most alive?

Well it has to be a spin class. Nothing beats exercising to a 90’s classic on a Saturday morning!

What places are on your bucket list?

Probably closer to home than most, I’d love to travel the UK to find all of those hidden gems which are on our doorstep.

What is beauty to you?

Recently I have found that less is more. 

What do you define as art?

I personally like imperfect minimal pieces that are expressive, my house is full of them.

How important is nature to you and how do you connect with it?

Nature recharges my batteries, and for me it’s a daily essential, especially when I am working on a computer all day. I’m very lucky to live so close to the sea, so I get my daily fix by walking along the beach on the way to work.



What are your favourite sources of inspiration?

I find a lot of inspiration on Instagram, every artist imaginable is on there now. I follow a bunch of photographers, architects and illustrators to keep me inspired. 

What is next on the horizon for you and Find?

I’d love to look at releasing more products, keep your eyes peeled…


Describe Find in three words
Natural, Essential & Healing.