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Our artist in residence collection brings together work from independent ceramicists, artists, metal smiths and sculptors from all over the globe. Chosen for their craftsmanship and skills we wish to provide a platform for these talented makers to showcase their work. Limited edition, artisan made, collectors and one off pieces provide unique objects to bring soul and authenticity to your home. Each piece tells the story of the artist who created the work, the nuances of the impressions of their fingerprints and their creative thought process are tangible narratives on the medium they choose to craft.

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A curated selection of vintage and new books primarily on the subject of art, interiors, nature and architecture perfect as display pieces for your coffee table or to stack on a shelf.

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A selection of bowls, formed from stones including marble and onyx to papier-mache. Perfect for a variety of uses and stand alone display pieces. Most are hand crafted by artisans including our stunning fluted Makrana marble bowls, which are sculptures in their own right.

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A selection of metal and stone candle holders all hand crafted by artisans using traditional methods, available in limited numbers. Purchasing these pieces helps to preserve one of the world’s oldest known crafts.

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A curated selection of candles sourced by Aesthete Label from around the globe for their ethics and aesthetics. All you need to create a calm space in your mind and home. Each candle is thoughtfully formulated, designed and handmade using plant based wax. Cruelty free and vegan.

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Catchalls are an indispensable home decor item. Use them to hold your keys in the hall, jewellery on your bedside table, they are also perfect for smudge sticks or as a candle holder.

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Collected by Aesthete is our handpicked and constantly evolving assortment of contemporary and vintage home goods. Sourced from around the world, these objects, many of them one-of-a-kind, range from unique pieces by established and emerging designers to vintage items that are exclusive to Aesthete. Collected by Aesthete pieces are gathered for their longevity, the intention of their making, and how they work in the context of a carefully considered life.

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A range of objects from stone knot sculptures to onyx letter holders. Our decorative objects are the perfect finishing touch for a shelf or coffee table.

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Inspiration - Wandering European city Classical shapes & forms. The juxtaposition of vintage pieces in modern homes and modern pieces in vintage homes creates a space with soul.  



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Reflections of a shell - the glow of light through chrome and glass against the shell’s chalky white inner surface reflecting and radiating soft light, an ode to the shell as a motif in design. Throughout history, the natural world has inspired artists and designers alike. One such motif that has captured human imagination for centuries is the shell. Found in diverse cultures, art forms, and architectural styles, the shell motif has transcended time, carrying profound symbolism and beauty, reflecting a life once lived and symbolising the journey a creature has gone through. As every life is unique so is the shell, each being as individual as a fingerprint. The pieces for this collection also lived a life before each with its own distinctive character and materiality reflecting times gone by and lighting the future. 

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reflets de la coquille

Reflets De La Coquille

There's something magical about collecting products that stand against the ticking of the clock. Reflecting on their intricate designs, shells are one of natures masterpieces, a silent narrative written in the language of the glassy ocean. Each curve and pattern tells a story written by the ebb and flow of tides and sculpted by time, a marvel of precision and uniqueness, a reflection of life's diversity and beauty in imperfection. As if the ocean itself were a skilled artist, painting its masterpiece on these humble canvases. The shell bears witness to the passage of time carrying the stories within their delicate walls, each shell telling a tale of resilience as they weather the tides and sands of countless seasons. In this vintage collection the reflective qualities of glass and chrome become the canvases in which to replicate the beauty of nature, a seasonless collection imbued with the charm of the everlasting shell motif.

A hand picked selection of exquisite ‘Collected’ pieces sourced from around the globe.

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Scallop Trays

The luxury scallop shape tray, fashioned from cookie marble with mesmerizing veins, imbues any setting with its exquisite organic pattern and intricate scalloped edge. This versatile home accessory serves a multitude of purposes, from holding jewelry on a nightstand to organizing cosmetics in a bathroom or embellishing a coffee table or desk. Its timeless beauty ensures it will remain a cherished fixture for years to come.

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A finely honed edit of vintage furniture, from French wooden stools to Mid century marble tables. Sourced for their provenance, unique patina and quality along with the personality each piece can bring to a home. Vintage pieces not only enhance a space bringing warmth and character but are also an environmentally friendly option too. If you would like a specific piece sourced, please do get in touch via the Contact page. 

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