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The "World of Turner" is a comprehensive guide to the life and works of the British master, Joseph Mallord William Turner. The book provides a thorough examination of Turner's unique artistic vision, his influences and inspirations, and the events and people that shaped his life.

The book covers Turner's early years as an artist in London, his rise to fame as a master of landscape painting, and his eventual transition to a more experimental and impressionistic style later in life. It also explores Turner's contributions to the development of Romanticism in art, including his innovative use of light and color, his groundbreaking depictions of the natural world, and his iconic views of England and the wider world.

With a focus on Turner's pioneering approach to landscape painting, the book offers a rich and engaging look at one of the greatest artists of the 19th century. Featuring numerous illustrations of Turner's paintings, as well as historical photographs and personal correspondence, the "World of Turner" is a must-read for art lovers, Turner enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the history of British art.