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Reflets De La Coquille

There's something magical about collecting products that stand against the ticking of the clock. Reflecting on their intricate designs, shells are one of natures masterpieces, a silent narrative written in the language of the glassy ocean. Each curve and pattern tells a story written by the ebb and flow of tides and sculpted by time, a marvel of precision and uniqueness, a reflection of life's diversity and beauty in imperfection. As if the ocean itself were a skilled artist, painting its masterpiece on these humble canvases. The shell bears witness to the passage of time carrying the stories within their delicate walls, each shell telling a tale of resilience as they weather the tides and sands of countless seasons. In this vintage collection the reflective qualities of glass and chrome become the canvases in which to replicate the beauty of nature, a seasonless collection imbued with the charm of the everlasting shell motif.

A hand picked selection of exquisite ‘Collected’ pieces sourced from around the globe.

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