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Designed as a functional piece but also an objet d’art this 222 onyx tray is made in Europe from onyx stone. The tray emphasises the materiality of the stone it is carved from and the beauty of its natural veins. Hand carved by artisans, each tray has its own unique colour and pattern, varying in intensity and arrangement due to natural quartz formations within the stone. The Golden Hour onyx may have caramel, gold, citrine, honey or moss shades running through, or variations of those, therefore no two are ever the same.

Naturally occurring quartz formations and fissures can be present within the stone, these are in no way defects but are inherent properties of the material and its unique patina.

Tray pictured is not necessarily the one you will receive, please contact us if you have a specific requirement. 


Clean with a soft damp cloth.
As with all natural stones, acidic fruits or cleaners can damage the surface.


Tray measures 20.25 cm length x 15.25 cm width x 3.5 cm height approx